Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Trip to Washington DC

Way back in 2010 my daughter and I went to DC to see her daughter and my granddaughter, Nonie.

The week before we left Oklahoma to go to DC they had the largest, coldest snow they had had in years. Nonie couldn't throw snow any higher on that pile of snow that came out of the driveway.

When we got there it was better but COLD. Glad I brought a jacket, sweats, hat, scarves and gloves. I needed them whenever we went out.

One of our outings we went to really different places. In Alexandria VA there is a house that is only 7 feet wide. There's our Lynn standing in front of the house. Yes, that is a house.  The blue part is the width of the residence.  And people actually live there. I would go bonkers!! How do they get the furniture into the house that door is only 24 inches--2 feet--wide. Then we went to the  ----

SMURF house. A light blue gray color and it is so cute. People actually live there too as you can see by the car in the driveway. Then we went somewhere really spooky----

The staircase that is in the movie "Amityville Horror".  AND this figure is at the top.  GOOSEBUMPS!!!!
The light behind the figure made it kinda glow. We got our gas and left as quickly as possible.

The next day we went to different places like this one. The PEEPS store. All I know about PEEPS candy, marshmallowy things is that they look like chickens and hatch out at Easter. But, here is a store full of them chicks. It was closed until the season starts which is when it is warmer.

 We had a good, wonderful, fun filled time in DC. And I am so glad I got a chance to see our Nonie. Pictures of her and more of DC tomorrow.

More later, Linda