Sunday, June 10, 2012

Some days are really STRANGE

Some days are like that. You wake up in the morning
with your hair all in a mess
and the toast gets burned,
the kids can't find their homework.

And to top it off ---

You can't find the car keys

What a way to start the day.

Then some one smiles at you.  Happy starts to shine in your day.  Then someone else holds the door for you. More happy sprinkles down onto you.

Then your favorite person in the whole wide world comes and asks how you are. And of course you can't really tell THEM what a bad day you were having this morning.

Don't want them to be sad--or mad--or down in the dumps.  No, you like this person and they like you. So you put on that happy face.

Guess what??

More happy sprinkles fall onto you and you pass them along.

Everyone at work is  kinda  puzzeled because you were not looking too perky just a little while ago and now you are beginning to look happy.

What has happened?

Well, the man open the door for you, sprinkles
you weren't late for work after all, MORE Sprinkles.
The girl from the front office smiled at you--for no reason. More SPRINKLES
You didn't run out of gas even though you should have stopped to refill the tank. MORE SPRINKLES.

Ok, ok!! we won't talk about the price of gas.

So the rest of the day goes by and now  you are back with your most favorite person. He makes you happy. Not sad or mad.

You've had a good day.

SO- - - - -

What about you?
What gives you those happy sprinkles?
Figure it out and go find some more of them.
You will feel so much better.

More Later, Linda