Monday, June 11, 2012

Early Morning TV

Here I sit watching DOG the Bounty Hunter.  Sending out texts and emails. Gotr a text from a lady I had an appointment with today.  She had to cancel.  How can I fill out that time this afternoon?
Who can I call to fill in that time? How many more appointments can I make for this week?

My mind went blank and I find I can't even type. I keep having to fix typo's or just delete whole sentences.

Is this what it's like to be an OLD lady!

I hope not ---BUBBA. Whoever you are!!

I love my job because I can work from home. I can be talking on the phone and making appointments and listening to the washer.  Put the clothes in the dryer and never even miss a word. 

Jerry can loose (loose is that right spelling for not being able to find what you are looking for--or is it lose to mean you can't find something you are looking for??) something and and I can't be fired because I have to take time to help him find whatever it is he's looking for.

Time was, when old ladies like me, when we could be found on the front porch with the great grandkids, watching them play, kissing boo-boos, rocking in the chair, reading stories to them. Or in the house making cookies, bread, or pies.

Not anymore.  I grew up in the SUPERMOM era.  Multitasking?  What about a triple multitasker!!Now THAT'S a multitasker!!

I find that I don't really like to multitask. I just like to task. I want to be busy mentally and physically I just don't want to be so busy I forget to smell the roses.

My driver's license lies when it gives my date of birth. Well, not really. But my mind is not as old as my body. 

I just decided something. I LIKE it like this. Just a little laid back. Not too much stress. But lots to do without being over burdened.  I love to cook. Cake, bread, entrees, new ideas and ways to cook the same old things. Housework not so much.  You can only push dust around so long. Entertaining, now I will push dust for that.

And it's ok to have as much me time as I need to keep on doing all those other things.

More later, Linda