Monday, June 4, 2012

Thunder Up!!

I don't know these guys. KD just hot up from his seat---in the bleachers--and gave a thumbs up to someone.

Tonight I don't know anything. 5 minutes into the game I realized that we are the blue guys. How can that be? When he last 2 games we were the white guys.

Well duh! We aren't in OKC. We are in San Antonio. That's why we are the blue guys. Visitors wear their colors and home teams wear white.

43--us and they have 36. 4 minutes left in the 2nd quarter.

Gotta turn it in 5 minutes because basketball is not Jerry's game. So we're gonna watch Hawaii 50.

This Hawaii 50 is much better than the original. I think because we are all more accustomed to action, explosions, car chases. Anything to get that adrenaline up.

I liked the first one too. "Bookem Danno" I really liked that and Jack Lord was gorgeous! that hair that fell across his forehead. Oh man! Reminded me of Elvis.

Be still my heart!

But that's for another day.

PS half time we're leading at 53 points

PS again. 106-OKC
101-San Antonio
Game 5 here we come!