Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's 7a.m. Time for HER nap

Isn't it strange that ALL of us are so very used to our routines. We get up. Take our meds. Put the coffee on, turn on the TV and the computer. Then we brush our teeth and finish off with other bathroom routine. THEN we turn on the iPhone and get ready for the day. That's what goes on everyday at our house.  What goes on at yours? It LOOKS like it must be 7 a.m. at our house. Or should I say SARAH's house. Because, after all, we only live in the house to provide for her. That's what she tells us every day. So 7 a.m. it is.
Do NOT disturb me!! You know it's my nap time.
 But Jerry and I are the same. We get into a rut, just like everyone else. Food on the table at 6.30. Monday is wash day! Tuesday I get the car and get to go where I want to go. That's when I deliver product or go to see new customers. Or just spend time at Walmart. I see every one I know at Walmart. Heaven HELP us!! That's the only time I socialize?? That is NOT good. I have to get out more often.So now I have made that decision
I know that things are going to get better real soon. I won't be so grumpy. I won't be so STUCK IN A RUT!! That's when a person gets OLD and I am NOT old. I just LOOK that way. Jerry and I we have a lot of fun. We like to ride his bike and me I like to talk to people. He likes the yard to look really nice and I do too, but I can't get out in the heat so all my flower beds are contained in pots. Makes for a very moveable flower bed.
One of the reasons I took the picture of the clocks is to prove that even SARAH can change. Yes, she can. Because being flexible is the best way to keep a youthful mind. So today I took these pictures to prove that we can all be flexible in our schedules. EVEN Sarah!!! Look and tell me that
it's true.It is 12.17 in the afternoon and Sarah is just now taking her 7a.m. nap!!! GOOD for all of us to change up that SCHEDULE and get out of that RUT !!! More Later, Linda