Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Is it RO deo or roDAYO?

For the last 7 years Jerry and I have gotten tickets to the indoor Rodeo in Ft Worth that runs daily from the beginning of January through the first week of February. It is so much fun. And such a good rodeo.

We leave Oklahoma in the early morning and about the time we are through Decature we have sunrise.

This is the BEST picture I have EVER taken of the sky.

Jerry kept on driving. He looked once, but he continued looking for deer.
This is what I usually take of the sky.This was the biggest moon of the CENTURY.
I took another one, but the only difference is that the small glowing ball is lower in the picture.
UGH!! After that one on the way to the rodeo I thought I had it made.

Well, that isn't all of the tale. We always take a couple with us to the rodeo. Can't prove it because I forgot my camera. But this year I took my camera and so I have pictures.

I took this one from the FRONT seat to the back not bad for an over the shoulder shot. You can barely see Scott on the right.
Left to right...MY WHITE HAIR, Leah is pointing at the deer on the side of the road and Scott is doing what he always does. Laughing.

Leah looked at all the animals at the zoo. We went to the newborn animal zoo and the baby ducks were going down the water slide into the water. Then it was time for lunch. We sat down waiting for Jerry's brother to find us and we met the cutest boys. They were working so they could have money to spend at the vendors. I hope their parents appreciate them.

Leah had a FOOTLONG corn dog. It really was that long. It looked and smelled so good we had one too. We all had such a good time that we invited them to go again in 2013. And they said yes. It is that much fun!

When the rodeo is over we always take our friends out for supper and Leah and Scott got to go to that wonderful Steak Place on the Courthouse square in Decature Texas. Wonderful food. WONDERFUL and the company was even better.

Does it matter if we say ROdeo or roDAYO. Not really. But it sure does matter if you can say at the end of the day...we had SO
much fun.

More later, Linda