Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What to do with peelings

Trash, that's what they are. Peelings from potatoes, carrots, bad lettuce leaves, limp squash, moldy mushrooms. What to do with them?

Well, you can put them in the trash can.  Oh Lord, do they stink!

You can put them down the disposer, but there again you have to be careful with that.
Celery is a big NO-NO.  Stops up that drain fast. Nothing gets through, especially water.

Believe me I know from first hand experience.

Then there's the turnip stems.  Did you know that they are stringy just like celery? I didn't either until I had to stick my hand into the disposer and dig out as much of that yucky stuff as I could and still the water wouldn't drain.


Moldy things smell.  Not only do they smell, when you disposer them then they make the disposer smell.  Which means the whole kitchen smells. And in a small house that means the whole house smells. So you put them in the trash and the trash smells.

So what to do with peelings? I figured it out.

This is what you do.  Go to the garden center of your choice.  Find a pretty pot.  Put those hummers , peelings, in those pretty pots. If you leave them in there and keep on putting them in there by the end of the summer they are pretty much turning into good compost. Let them sit in the rain and the snow all winter and then the next Spring finish filling the pot with a small amount of potting soil and flowers. They will not need any fertilizer as the compost does all that for you.

See the pretty flowers and the two strawberry pots? Take a closer look at the smaller strawberry pot.

There is some potato peelings and some tops off onions and some other un-named things. Getting ready for next year.

And this one is all by itself. Has some color to it. It's just waiting for next year and the flowers that will go into it.

No smells. Anywhere. Not in the disposer, the trash inside the house or even the trash outside of the house.
Works every year.

More Later, Linda