Thursday, June 28, 2012

That other girl did it!!!

This is not what you think! It's not what I thought!! He's just looking for something that got lost in that semi shag carpet.  I will NOT go there. EVER!! It's what we have and will until we get energetic and strip the carpet out and refinish the harwood floors. Back to what he's looking for. I really don't know .  And then you know what Sarah says.....
"Daddy, I want you to know that  I will never tell.!!

What? Tell What? I asked

Nothing she says.

But right there is the evidence. He's got a BIG ugly bruise on his elbow.!! And,
he SAYS, he can't remember why and when it happened. Do I believe him?

Of COURSE I believe him. He's never lied to me in almost 60 years.  Why should he start now?

Well MOM since you are in the believeing mood. You know that whoopsy what happened in the other room. I gotta tell you the POOP Fairy left it.
More Later, Linda