Sunday, June 17, 2012

Princess and the PEA

This is our little Princess.  Taking her morning nap on the couch. Snuggling next to her cushion with the flowers on it. Just so cute. Isn't she?

She has been disturbed as you can see by the look on her face.  It says,"Do NOT disturb ME again!"

 I just don't understand WHY you won't leave me alone.
Remember when you had to get up last night
Now I will tell you why we won't leave you alone. Remember when you had to get up last night. I let you out and soon you barked to be let in.? 


Well I want to know why the POOP Fairy left a present in the middle of my new carpet!!!

If you don't know it yet. This is just a Fairy tail.

A Fairy tail that has me completely unbalanced. And one that only your FURRY people will really understand.

Just read it to them. And then look for the other signs that the POOP fairy has been to see you at some time or other.