Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's Day

Hurray for ALL you father's out there. It seems to me that father has become a four letter word. You know those words that most people don't want to talk about ---- like school loans, speed dating, the one that got away--be it fish or human, frizzle-frazzle, or this or that.

Back to Dads. Dave got to spend most of the weekend with his boys.



They are not boys. After all one will be 27 and the other is 25 on June 15th. Keith's kids are spread out.  One lives in Edmond and the other lives in Washington D.C. They called Keith and had a good talk with him.

I realize that they are grown. I just CALL then kids. I haven't yet figured out what to call the grandkids after they are grown. Grandups? Or that oxymoron --- adult children. No way, Jose!! That's like calling a big shrimp a jumbo shrimp. So I guess it will have to be just the guys, even though Nonie is a girl.

This is Keith, our Lynn's husband. They have two children Nonie and Andrew. They ride Harley's too. She is the "B" on Back blogger.

And this is Dave's friend Lynn. So we have Keith's Lynn and Dave's Lynn. Just like we had a Homer across the street and still have a Homer to the West. And a Wilma to the West and a Wilma to the East. And we have a North Mary and a South Mary. What a fun way to keep up with people.
Except Dave's Lynn is just a friend and not a spouse to Dave.

Jerry and his ice cream. At Christmas he always makes 9 flavors of ice cream and one new one. Just to put some spark into the mix.
Keith and Lynn love to ride. So does Dave. So do we but Jerry's shoulder won't let him right now. He will take off and ride for hours. It helps to take the stress away. Now Sarah, she just gets a chew stick.

And here are the Lynn's by Lynn with the durag's red bike. Dave's is the blue one on her left. The red at the back is the very old but very reliable tractor. That's another tale.

We had a really good, relaxed time on Father's Day. But back to the four letter words. I know a few more.


Thank God for that last four letter word.

More Later, Linda