Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I wonder what road runner tastes like

Three --- count them --- motorcycles came to our house today. Father's day. And Jerry's arms hurt too bad to ride.

Dave on his bike
Lynn on her bike
and Keith and Lynn on their bike.
Jerry had a good day with all those bikes to look at and work on and all the things that goes with bikers and bikes.

We went to eat after church. Jerry's favorite place. Golden Corral. He always takes an ice cream cone when we leave.

Lynn and Dave are with their dad for the day. It was a good , GOOD day.  We all needed this day.
Lynn and Keith had been there on Saturday with Keith's dad and mom. And his brother. And cute Bridgett brother's wife.

Double dose of GC. They sure are brave and love their dad's!!!

By now you are wondering about the title of this piece.

Remember the pictures of the bikes at the beginning?

As Keith came into the back yard a WILD turkey began running from the house to the East. Over to Earl and Wilma's house.

It was a SHE because she had no beard.

As she was running for her life----she probably thought spring turkey shoot was still on. Not.

Then she took off and FLEW into the trees. HIGH into the trees.

A FLASH came into my mind. I was standing on our porch. Years ago. Back in --- well it could have been 1989 to 1992.

You can't expect an old lady to remember EVERYTHING can you? I do remember seeing what I thought was a road runner out by the road.

I rather LARGE road runner.
But it didn't look like this --- it looked like that turkey. Man I am so busted. I have been telling people I say a GIANT road runner and it was a turkey.

I say " I am sorry to all of you that got the story of the GIANT roadrunner. I wasn't really lying for as you can see they look a lot a like when you just get a short blurred glance of them."

More Later, Linda