Thursday, June 14, 2012

Feeding the deer

We feed the deer all year round.

Yesterday, Jerry went to the back of the 14 acres to check on the level of the pond and the level of the corn in the feeder.

Water level very high in the pond.

Corn level non existent.


There is nothing for the deer to eat, or the raccoon, or the birds, or possum, or

Not a morsel ...... Just lots of grass, weeds, and other critter food.

We just put 9 forty pound sacks in the feeder. They will have FOOD tonight.

AND under the feeder there is a large colony of big red ants.

Did you know those big reds are the only natural predator of the fire ants?

Maybe I should start an export company to send BIG red ants to South America, Mexico and all the southern states of the US!

We'd be billionaires. Anyone want to finance that enterprise? I copyright it today 6/14/2012.