Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day Trip to OKC

If you live in Oklahoma you know what OKC means or just The City. It's Oklahoma City of course but we just say The City.

Sarah is staying home. She, of course, does not like that part. But we leave the Animal Planet on the TV for her. She's not spoiled is she? Ya think? Of course she is.  She gets by with a whole lot more than the kids or grandkids ever did.

Well this is great. I got the pictures on the Blogger for phone and can't figure out how to get them onto this page. So you will just have to believe what I type to you.

Our daughter and her husband were going to visit with some biker friends in OKC so we just tagged along.

Since we haven't been out of town for about 8 weeks it seemed like a good thing.

Other friends biked it to the Burger place along with Daughter and Son.

We drove.

Small place. I mean really small. But the flavors were ginormus. I mean really big. Got Jerry a slider with meat. tomato. and lettuce. Do I need to say that's like going to an ice cream place and getting vanilla. But that's just him.  Me, I had the ElMexicano.  Yum, Yummmmmmm. and the Fire Fries. Even MORE yummmmmmmmmm.

Then we had pie, so Jerry chose the chocolate because I like chocolate. Is there any other flavor that just perks up your taste buds? NO

Anyway, the pie was a s"more pie. And once we got over the fact that the meringue was not really meringue but marshmallow. It was wonderful. I think I will make one next week.

Went from there to Arcadia to see the round barn that's a hundred years old or more. It is BIG and it's really round.

But first we stopped at POP'S .  They have every kind of soda you can imagine and some you can't .
Wonderful.  I had the Ginger Beer. Like root beer but with ginger. I love ginger. When I go to the sushi bar I have as much pickled ginger as I do sushi. Love it. And it's good for what ails you.

Got home about 5. Fixed a light supper and watched the Thunder game.  They won. A wonderful end to a marvelous day.

More later