Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mistake!! Glory Be!!

The Trip to Washington DC when I was talking about that CREEPY--WAY CREEPY staircase was not in the movie Amityville Horror it was in The Exorcist.

Have you ever had the feeling that what you were going to say or do was WRONG? Well that what happened when I typed in Amityville Horror. 

I knew that wasn't right.  I knew something was wrong. But I was just checking to see if anyone would catch it.

And they did. Our Lynn -- very nicely-- told me the correct movie. 

Since Willie Wonka with Gene Wilder gave me nightmares do you really think I would go to see something that was really SCARY?  Not on your Nellie!!!

And speaking of Willie Wonka, even more nightmares with the latest one.

That Johnny Depp is goosebump city as far as I am concerned.  That smile (?) of his through the whole of the movie was c-r-e-e-p-y to say the very least.

But I am not a critic, I am only stating my reaction.

I remember back in 1991 when I was in VoTech school taking commercial art class with 2 other women and the rest high school kids.

We had this one guy who decided my friend Linda and I were his surrogate moms.  Well he came to class telling us about this movie he had seen.  All about voodoo and stuff like that. As an artist he really set the scene so to speak. 

I woke up screaming that night.

Next day, at break, I beat him with a piece of paper. I let him know that if I had wanted to have nightmares I would have paid to see that movie myself.

I don't go to see scary movies. Never ever.

More later, Linda