Tuesday, June 12, 2012


You're sitting at your computer. Played all the games you can. Did a lot of work. It's been a long day.
Just sitting there slumped over the keyboard. The monitor screen has become a blur. Your eyes are burning, crossed orbs in your face.


That's where I'll go next.

So you open fb and look at your status. Make a few comments. Maybe post a pic or two.

Then----what else is there to do? I mean ---- come ON.

There is ONLY so much you can do on fb.

One day about 5 years ago. I thought -- FAMILY!

So I ran through names of all those I knew about.

We have a big family. My dad's parents. Both had 7 siblings.

 Well gramps came from a family of 8 boys.

And Grams came from a family of 8 girls.

I really don't know diddle about moms family.

Anyway, I thought Kretsinger. That's my
Maiden name. Kenneth, Uncle Bill's son.

There can't be that many. It's not a name like Smith or Brown.

Whoda thought!

I mean 25 of them hummers. I counted every one.

Close to the bottom---at 20 or so. I had to go back up a few. I looked at that picture, sent our Lynn an email asking her if she would check it out. She saw the same thing I did.

Yes, his picture resembled our Dave a lot.

So I sent an email. It went something like this.

If your mom's name was Ellie and your dad was Bill and you lived in DC for a while......HELLO COUSIN!!!!!

Got an email back that said....

HELLO to you.

Lynn goes to DC two times a year to visit with her daughter Nonie. She goes in February and August. That first August she called Kenneth and they got together and had supper and talked and laughed just like cousins should. 


Next year in February, I went with her and got to meet him too. And May, his wife, and one of his granddaughters.

So much can happen with just a click of the mouse.

More later, Linda