Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pockets versus Purses

Does anyone ever understand the necessity of the things that go into a pocket or purse.

I mean REALLY. Do men  need to carry a handkerchief that's holey? Or what about all that other junk they carry in their pockets.

Just look at all that stuff he has taken out of his pocket. Wallet, knife, keys, cell phone. Can you believe that! A CELL phone in his pocket!! No wonder he has holes in those pockets.

What's THAT?  A hose washer?  Lordy what else are we gonna find.

A handkerchief.  Well that's OK. A business card case and what's that? A piece of chalk! And of course THE watch.  He puts down the time when we leave the yard and when we get to the corner and when we get to Walmart and when we get inside Walmart and on and on and on. It's exhausting.

But I love him. Always have and always will.

There is even a marble.

 Can you see anything I haven't named. I just don't understand any of it. Well, probably the wallet. Cos it has the drivers license in it. But some of that other STUFF is just STUFF as far as I am concerned

And THEY say that women carry STRANGE things in their purses. I mean just look, no really LOOK at the contents of my purse.

Keys. Pens. Might need to write a check.  And of course the CHECKBOOK. Have to have the checkbook to pay for the groceries. Two sets of keys. Just in case I lock myself out of the house. Wallet change and dollar bill. and of course the card holder.

WELL it can't be any stranger than what he has in his POCKETS!!

More later, Linda