Monday, June 25, 2012

It's too HOT--says Sarah

I always said that MY dog---OMG not dog but FURRY person would not EVER be put into a cage. So I got the best I could find---A BUNNY house. Everyone who sees it likes it. When we got Sarah she would NOT calm down at night and go to sleep. She kept woofing at the shadows and biting at the sheets. She kept doing all sorts of things at the end of the bed and keeping us awake. So we went looking and this is what we decided on. Same price as a cage, but it's not a cage. It's her bedroom. And now she
sleeps all over the house. She has a bed on our bed.She has her bed. She sleeps on Jerry's chair and in the other recliner. She sleeps on the blanket at the top of the stairs. (Jerry insisted that she NEEDED that blanket there.
And sometimes she sleeps on the floor. Her likes to sleep on her back. Today it's HOT and she is milking it BIG time. If you haven't figured it out yet let me just tell you straight out. SHE is in CHARGE of THIS house!!!
And this one too.
And even the floor!!!
 More Later, Linda