Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sarah says "Time for FOOD"

It looks like any other floor. With a fluffy thing on the wall. Well not really. This is a picture of Sarah's bowl. And the cabitnet for the microwave.
 Long years ago I heard about these two machines that I wanted so bad I could taste it. One was like an oven. But it didn't get hot!!! Glory BE!! An oven that doesn't get hot and cooks quicker.  I NEED one of those!! The first microwaves were really dangerous because of the microwaves. They weren't too stable and could actually cook your hand if you put it in the oven too soon after the bell would ding. A few years later we went to England and Jerry bought me one. It was safe by then. You really couldn't cook in them. Just heat and reheat and use up all those leftovers. What a way to cook.!!!

 Look over on the left of the picture. You can see a brown bowl. That's Sarah's water bowl. Now look right under the edge of the cabinet on the right. Can you see that little bit of a grey rim?  That's her food bowl!! She is PO'D!!! There is NO food in her FOOD bowl.
Here's a little closer picture. Wanna know something, I would never have allowed my kids get away with as much as Sarah does.

That other machine I wanted? It was a VHS recorder. Imagine---recording movies or heaven forbid SOAPS so you can see them whenever you wanted to.

Now we have the DVR and it record up to 4 programs at a single TIME and play different programs on different TV's.

THINGS are different!!! To say the very least.

 We used to sing in the choir at church. And of course practice was after Wednesday night service which meant the kids were in the sanctuary with all the other choir members kids. Well, Jerry could snap his fingers and Lynn and Dave would settle right down. Sarah is another kettle of fish or full of dog bones, or whatever. She does it HER way and that means she pushes her bowl under the cabinet when she wants some food. Especially if we are not as FAST as she thinks we should be.

Then she takes up her position on the carpet.

She has it staked out!!

 Waiting for that MAGIC moment when someone, anyone will put some food in that pretty shiny bowl.

 You notice the frozen stare.
The eyeballs GLUED into place.

 Never wavering (is that even a word?)!!


Just Waiting.
And the bowl is still empty because she is on a diet and has to loose 2 pounds before we take her back for her Heartworm shot. Which by the way is July 9th.

 Every six months and they let me know when it is time. I have the hardest time remembering  to give her the pills every month.

If I can't figure out how to post from my brother in laws house. This will be the last post until Monday because we are going to Jerry's brothers for his birthday and I don't think I will be around a computer.
 So more later, Linda