Monday, June 18, 2012

Thunder UP!!!!!

Third game of the NBA finals. We are only 4 points behind.


Now they are playing ball. Thunder defense is really working.

Sarah just had to get a chew stick. I think it is a stress relief.

Only 4 behind. That's so much better than the last game.

I know why the games in ancient Rome were so well attended. They didn't want to get hurt anymore than we do. People are just people.

Ancient or not. Then or now.

We love. We laugh. We don't want to get hurt.

Only SIX behind. Last game after first quarter we were fifteen behind.

Seven minutes left in 2nd quarter and we are only 1 behind.

Go Thunder!!!


Not tied anymore. Thunder up 5.

One minute in third quarter and Thunder up by 1.

We Lost 91 to 96.  That's alright. They did a FANTASTIC job.


As you can see from the parties on TV
Everyone is happy and ready for the next game


More Later, Linda