Friday, June 22, 2012

Thunder Up!!! Game 5

It's do or die night. We are down 3.

THIS is NOT a good situation to be in. Those guys really played GOOD on Tuesday. But someone has to loose. Just REALLY didn't want it to be us.

Tonight Donna will be here again. So I won't get to see much of the game.


Learned a LOT about the new products. And had some girlfriend time. We had a good night. The new lash serum is wonderful. Unlike the other one of the market that begins with L, ours has no side affects and its only a quarter of the price. How's that for a bargain.?

Now on to the GAME.

OH NO we are 10 behind at half time!! Well we've been behind more than that and came out of it.

Sarah has decided to screech. Sometimes she sounds like a screech owl! She doesn't LIKE what's going on in the ball game.

The guys are 11 BEHIND. They better get going !!

ONLY 9 behind now.

Good grief!! Another foul.

ANOTHER foul. Will they never learn.

Behind 14 points and another foul.

We went to bed and saw the OTHER GUYS getting the trophy last night.

Good going guys!! You did good.

My dad told me once what Yogi Berra used to say. "It's better to loose a lot than by only one point. At least you know that you were doing all you could." Now, that doesn't sound like Yogi,"He's the guy who used to say he paid for something with dollars which is the same as cash!!" But he did have some really good and profound things to say.


More later, Linda