Friday, June 8, 2012

Sarah and Jerry

Well, alright I will just come right out and tell. 

We sleep with our furry person. Whoever she may be!!

There I've said it. Yes Jerry and I are suckers for those puppy dog eyes!!

 But it all started with a fireplace and  a furry person named Mandy. Mandy was mine but Killer was Lynn's.  He slept with her.

Killer was so cute. Tiny and a MANLY man. He only weighted 1 1/2 pounds but he had the heart of a lion.  He was Lynn's protector. No one got close to her unless she wanted them too.

And then there was Mandy.  We, Lynn and I wanted puppies.  Yes I know you might think that's crazy and stupid. But little Yorkie pups are so cute. Solid black when they are born. They usually don't get much bigger. Mandy and Killer's first babies turned out to be a litter of one. Priscilla. That was her name. The next litter was 8 puppies.

Cute but a handful. Mandy never came into season after that.

Back to the fireplace.  We were living in England and it's cold there. Cold and DAMP! When bed time came around I would cover the fireplace with the screen and that way no sparks from the coal could get out and cause a fire in the house.

One night I woke up because I couldn't remember if I had put the screen up. I went into the living room or as the British say the lounge and there was Mandy with her head on the hearth. That's not too much of a problem.

And then I looked again. YIKES!!

Her head was on the hearth alright, but her ear, covered with long silky hair was about an inch from the fire!! I had put the screen up but it had been moved a little and sparks could have gotten onto Mandy and then no telling what would have happened.  I could just see her.  In flames running through the house. Little sparks from her lighting fires all through the house.

So I put her in bed with me.  Just until it got warm again! Yeah, right. She slept with us for another 16 years.

So when Georgie came along. Well, you can imagine. There she was in a DOG bed on the FLOOR and Mandy was cuddle up with me in the bed. Floor or soft warm bed. What would you want? 

Well DUH. I wouldn't want the floor either. So she came up to the bed.

And she stayed there until she went. Almost 17 years later.

Now we have Sarah. 

She has decided that Jerry puts out a lot of heat.  She just wants to cuddle.

And she cuddles him right out of the bed!!

That's why he was already up and dressed when I woke up at 6.26 this morning.

Sarah has been banned to her own bed for the next 16 years or so. Or until she can puppy dog eye herself back into the bed.

Wanna bet it's tonight right at bed time?

More later, Linda