Thursday, August 30, 2012

Did you ever think about-----

I know I have a quirky way of looking at things. I just have always been this way.

Yesterday afternoon I got this picture in my head of me in my Director's suit. White hair shining in the lights of the stage in Dallas. Donna and I are walking across the stage hand in hand. It keeps playing in my head---I can even see this scene as I type.

Or I have dreams of people and places and then that same thing happens in real life not dream life.

Or when I was a kid I could think of a dream I wanted to have again and that would happen too. Helped me to sleep.

Quirky?  I just don't know.

So have you ever wondered what happens to crickets in the winter time. And why they come out only sometimes. Same goes for grasshoppers. Where do they go to sleep--or mate--or whatever.

And do crickets and grasshoppers have live babies or do they start from eggs?

Sometimes I wonder.

About life and where it's taking me. I have decided that I am. after all, master of my own ship so it's up to me to decide not fate.

I wonder about the colors in the sky. You know what paints I would need to blend that particular color of blue. Or purple, pink or orange.  Sky is a really hard thing to paint because the colors are so varied.

And then I wonder about the grand kids. They all have their own problems, but I want to fix every one of those problems. I wonder if I could---------??? Yep that's me.

So I guess I will go though the rest of my life wondering.

And that's a good thing----keeps your mind going!!

More later, Linda