Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oh no there is a NAKED lady in our front yard!!!

When we bought our house in 1970, we inherited the naked ladies too.

Mr. and Mrs. Moore lived in our house . When they passed on we bought it for a whopping $7500.  The house and the 1 1/3 acres. We have since bought the 12 acres behind our house. House, 2 wells, pond (or tank if you come from Texas) and some deer, raccoon, turkey, quail and pigeon. So much fun to watch all those animals. We feed the birds and the deer. What they leave the turkey, ducks, raccoon, possum, and other animals eat.

I am rambling. I know it's because I really like where we live.

So, back to the  story of the naked lady. I mentioned to Jerry when I first saw it that we had a NAKED lady in the front yard.

His reply---OOOH!!! We HAVE to go back.

I said---Why??

He replied---We are gonna have to put some clothes on her so she does cause a wreck!!!!

Isn't that too cute. I love his sense of humor!!!

Mr. Moore told me one day that they had Naked Ladies in their front yard.

I was only in my 20's and man I didn't know what to think. Here we are in church and he's talking about naked ladies!!!

I had no thoughts.Could not come up with anything to say. I was dumbstruck!!!

We drove by the house one day and there they were

THERE is the naked lady in all her glory! Well, that's not true. After they finish blossoming they are the most beautiful pink flower. In the fall---which this isn't, it's August---the flowers come out. And in the spring the leaves come out. I have seen red ones around her too. I would love to have some more. With different sizes and colors.

A different view. This is so unusual for them to bloom this early. Of course Jerry has been watering and that may be why we only have the one flower right now. I hope it doesn't mean we are in for an early winter. Last time they bloomed this early we had the coldest October we have every had.
Wait until tomorrow and you can see how beautiful they are.!!!

And as I came back from the outside heat I took pictures of the rest of the plants on the porch. The geraniums are in tribute to my mom. She loved RED geranium. 

But I love all kinds of flowers. Since I don't sweat and therefore can't take care of flower beds I just grow the flowers in pots. And it makes for a beautiful front scape to our home.

More later, Linda