Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bath is a four letter word

You know there are a lot of four letter words. None that I wish to type onto this page.

And then there are those four letter words that become that for lots of reasons.

WIND.  That's a four letter word. Think about it. Wind can be destructive like during a tornado or a hurricane.

SNOW!  Remember the top of the Minnesota football stadium that collapsed with the weight of snow. Now THAT makes snow a four letter word.

RAIN. Rain causes those mud slides in California. They are devastating.

And then there is BATH. Babies don't like a bath.

Old men don't like to take a bath.

And I know a furry person who doesn't like to take a BATH.

 She's NOT gonna look at me. She is just NOT.  I know she is a furry person, but that does NOT automatically keep her from having to bathe!! She was beginning to pong----take my breathe away---smell BAD---REALLY bad.

So, yes today is the day. It was a struggle because she does not like this day. I got more water on me than she did. I found shampoo suds on the ceiling and long blond hair in the drain. I had to use 3 towels because she has so much hair and then to top it off the hair had to be brushed or it would mat.

She knows the word B-A-T-H.  That caused a lot of problems when we got to talking about her needing a bath.

What to do??

We renamed the day.

It is now B-WORD day.!!

She hasn't caught onto that yet.

She just knows that BATH is a four letter word. But she has no clue as to what B-WORD day means. Success!!!

Now, I have to do a load of laundry, get out the microfiber cloths to clean the tub and the ceiling and we will be ready for the next B-WORD day!!!

More later, Linda