Friday, August 17, 2012

So much to do and not enough time!!

It has been a busy 2 or 3 days.  Mary Kay office to clean for our Director being here last night.

Mary Kay parties to prepare for.

And then Donna was here last night and told us about the new Volufirm cleansing system.


It's like a face lift in a bottle---well five bottles to be exact.

No pain. No scars. No redo because it didn't work.

This WORKS!!

It would be very easy to use too much product when washing the face. But the rest of the product has a dispenser that limits the amount that comes out.

I got my camera ready last night so I could take pics and forgot to. I didn't get around to the Cream Tea I was going to do, but I did get the Cottage Ware cups put through the dishwasher. So we had coffee and iced tea, and water of course. And we had some of Jerry's mom's sausage rolls.

Explanation later about the sausage rolls.

And we got to learn a lot about Kay and how she met her husband. It was too funny, but not for me to tell (since I didn't ask her if I could).

I forgot to make supper for Jerry. Can you guess what he did???

No he did NOT say a word.

He made himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. That held him over until they all left and I could fix him a hamburger.

And Sarah decided to sleep elsewhere----again.

She's going into the bunny house tonight---with the door closed.

Tomorrow I will let you know what happened when we shut the door and lock the door...

Makes you wonder what will happen doesn't it??

More Later, Linda