Saturday, August 4, 2012

How lonely she is!!

There is still just one naked lady in our yard!!

It makes me kinda sad. Last year we had about 30 come up. Diane said the moles got her naked ladies. And that may be what has happened. I hope not.

There's just something about a naked lady being in our front yard.  It's a harbinger of fall and what goes on all year really.

When we lived in Tunisia, we had an Easter Lilly come up at the bottom of the stairs. The perfume from that flower came right into the house and perfumed the whole front part of the house.

We didn't plant it, it just grew.

And that Lilly was a sign of hope and peace to me every year we were there.

Just like the naked ladies.

This is a picture from yesterday. A soft pink. Three blossoms. No scent that I can tell.

And this one is today. Before 8am. It's still cloudy.

Or that might be clouds of smoke from the fires in Luther and other parts of Oklahoma. As the news person said today, with a tornado people can find some things left in there rubble. But with a fire EVERYTHING is gone.

And someone set this fire.

How can anyone DO something like that?

Later, Linda