Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Food---glorious food!!!

Do you think she is trying to tell us something??? She had just finished her food.

We had to put her on a diet a while back because she needed to lose 2 pounds. When we got her she was supposed to weight no more than 4 pounds.  Well when we took her to the vet the next day, she already weighted almost 4 pounds and she was only 4 months old.

She had a lot of growing to do.  To 14 pounds.-- she grew!!

As you can see, she is NOT happy about the lack of food in her bowl!!
Look at her. She is sooooo mad at us for leaving her bowl empty. And she does know how to put the guilt onto a problem. She learned from somebodies Grandmother!! I know that for a fact. Mine knew how to make me feel guilty and I think you can't be a grandma without being able to do that.
Know what she's saying? 

If you don't, I will tell you. She is telling me that she didn't know I was so mean that I would not put more food into her bowl. That couldn't I see it was empty? Couldn't I understand that she was HUNGRY????? She didn't get anymore food until the next meal. Her bowl gets 1/4 cup of food at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Or Breakfast, DINNER and SUPPER -- if you're from the South,!!!

More Later, Linda