Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It RAINED today!!

We got rain today!!!  Happy Happy!!

It's 12.41 and just 95 degrees.

This is a happy day.

Jerry is out working on a neighbors garden spot. He got ours ready for a fall garden. I would love to plant some peas and some other winter plants. Maybe some carrots and any underground plant. I only one I can think of is the carrot, but there are others---potatoes, onions, ----above ground are the Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and all those veggies Jerry doesn't like.

So I guess we will go with lettuce, black eyed peas, maybe some potatoes, and then we could plant some of those onion seeds that I have.

I guess they're onion seeds. They smell like onion and they came from the stalk of the onion plants.

Anyway it will be fun to find out what happens when I plant them.

I think we have to wait for a month to 6 weeks to plant, but by then Jerry will have both gardens in GOOD shape.