Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Got my Hotmail account

Yes, i got my account---after the long haul.

First off I had to get a Windows Live account and then I could use that id as my email address for the Hotmail.

And you know what that means--don't you?

Well, I a gonna tell you.

I had to get back my calendar, I had to import all the emails from gmail and yahoo.

I had to get up a walk around while I waited for all this to happen, and I had to pick my toes.

Not the toe part--I was just trying to see if you were really reading this!!!

I had to have some fun today.

Well, it's up and running and I am really glad.

This is one way to have all the accounts together and it makes it easier to dump emails I don't want to keep.

So there it is------and it only took 3 hours to do it!!!

 More later, Linda