Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Have you ever wondered---???

Sometimes I really think that I have a quirky mind.

I mean really, I am sitting at my computer and trying to make heads out of trying to get my hot mail account to work---I forgot my user id and password. DUH !!

Now that really shouldn't be too hard to retrieve---should it??

Oh no, I have to --- 1. get a new account
                                2. try this one word access
                                3. forget about it

Now, they don't tell you to actually go with the third choice. Would they DO that?
They just make it really difficult to get into your account, when you know that you have one and that it has some wonderful info for you to cover, just waiting for you to expose all that info to the person whose account it is. ME!!!!

NOT happening.

Let you know more later, Linda