Thursday, August 9, 2012

Heat wave? What heat wave?

When we got up this morning the thermometer read 71~~~can you believe it? I can hardly wait until the temp is a high of 71.!!!

The naked ladies are doing well, except for the lack of clothes---according to my Jerry.

The grass around the house is green as per Sarah's needs.

Well, you CAN'T ask a girl to go do her business and have crunchy grass to do it on---now can you??

I mean, would you go on crunchy grass??

So it came time for her to go guessed it!!

She didn't want to come in. In fact

Taking a snooze on the front walk!! Isn't she cute. ??

And then I think she heard the clicker because she -----

kinda looked around and again laid her head down. The wind blowing her hair, and the sun pouring in it's vitamin D.

Oh, how I wish I could be out there with her. I just don't sweat. If I get too hot I can feel my body swelling, and believe me I don't need to swell any more than I am!!!

In a little while she decided that she had had enough and she came to the door.

She didn't even have to bark because I was right there watching her.

Can't you see it in her face.

MOOOOM !! Enough with the pictures!!!

But I just can't help myself.

More later, Linda