Sunday, August 5, 2012

Smoke in the air!!!

I just walked out the door to take pictures of the naked lady. She is in full bloom.

Only the one.  She just looks so lonely.

One step out of the door and I could smell the smoke. The wind is coming from the North, And there is rain. But not yet to the areas that are STILL burning.

Usually around the lamp -- the black post can be seen -- is filled with naked ladies. It is so pretty.

A wonderful sign of the glory of God.

Still one more to bloom. That will make 5 for this one stalk!! Can you imagine???

All those blooms and all at the same time.  Glorious!!!

All's well in my world!!

But the smoke is still there.  That just proves that people are very resilient. And that's what I want for all those people who have to rebuild, restart, and mourn over all the lost things.

As I typed before -- there has been no loss of life.

And that's a wonderful thought!!

More later, Linda