Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Why did we quit-----?

Saturday we went to the drag races in Ardmore. I must say that it was hot but windy which kept us from getting too overwhelmed.

I also have to tell you about the bleachers. COVERED!!! Nice and sturdy. The grounds were really clean which led me to believe that the concession was clean too.

 There was only one or two that made my whole body shake. That is the most awesome feeling!!

All that energy being transferred from the engine to the ground to the bleachers and then to everyone there.

That one went faster than I could go from the picture above to the finish line.!! FAST!!

It made the 1/8 in .0489 of a minute. Too fast.
I could make it to OKC in about 30 minutes like that.
Of course, the fuel would make the trip to shop VERY expensive!!

And then there is the smoke. Do they HAVE to burn out like that????

This is a pretty car. and see that gold helmet, too pretty for words. Of course the men driving the cars last Saturday probably wouldn't like for me to say that their cars were pretty.

(But they were)

So back to the title......

The last time WE -- Jerry, me, Lynn and Dave had been to the races was back 40 years ago. So why DID we quit.

Too busy---
Not enough time---

Whatever the crutch is, we are going to get over it and keep on going!!!

Here we come and there they go.

More Later, Linda