Friday, August 3, 2012

It's HOT and I'n NOT getting up

Sarah is one of the STRANGEST furry people I know.

ATTITUDE out the --well you know where!!

She can give you THAT look and you know---really KNOW-- you are in DEEP mud!!

The date on the clock is July 18th. It's 6.14 in the pm, and it's 99 degrees. HOT!!!

But this is, after all, Oklahoma. And it is the middle of July. From now until the middle of September maybe the first of October it's gonna be HOT. The only problem with it being this hot at this time of day---it will still be hot in the morning!!!

So Sarah sleeps. Gets up to eat or go outside and do her business, and then she SLEEPS again.

She likes to sleep on her side, with her pillow under her head. Jerry tells me she's spoiled but NAW, she isn't. She just sleeps better with a pillow.

Sometimes she sleeps with her eyes OPEN. That is REALLY freaky. 

She's still sleeping.

She woke up, but could NOT make herself get out of the bed.

Poor BABY, she's SO tired!!

After a few minutes she got out of the bed and got this far.. Before she collapsed!!!

She's po'd@!@!@   REALLY!! Attitude galore. Can't you just see it in her eyes. She knows she has been caught play acting. She wasn't really asleep. She just wanted us to THINK that the heat is too much for her.

OK, I'm otta here!! They caught me acting AGAIN!! I'm going now. Uuuh, did you hear me?

I am so busted!!!

I guess I had better think this through a little better. Play acting just isn't working...!!!

She is so cute!! Such ATTITUDE, DRAMA and what pretty eyes she has.!!!

Later, Linda