Monday, August 13, 2012

Sarah and her food

While Dave was her with Baby Girl he had to give her some of Sarah's food. So today, Jerry decided to clean the dust from under the microwave cabinet, wash the red rug where we keep her water and food, In general do a Spring clean on Sarah's spot.

There is the QUEEN's spot. All clean and ready for us to go to the store and get her some more food.

After this week end this is what is left!
Of course Sarah has had her breakfast and her lunch. And she had gotten really sick of having the same thing. This time I'm gonna get something different!!! I wouldn't like to have the same thing all the time either.

And I told you we really cleaned up everything. This is what we keep her food in. It holds way too much to keep without going flat--bonkers---stale---whatever. She gets different this afternoon.

She is really upset. She is almost ---whatever the word is--she does NOT like anything to be moved. It upsets her BIG time.

So she decided to tell her Daddy about the change to her spot. But then she realized---

it was time for a nap! So she got into her nap place and there they are.

I love nap time because they are too cute sleeping like that!!

More later, Linda