Sunday, August 12, 2012

Have you EVER-------???

Have you ever put yourself in a place that just didn't feel right??

You know what I mean--that party you went to where you felt really out of place??

Maybe the people were having a few beers, or maybe they had bbq and you are a vegetarian, or maybe you had on a great pair of slacks and all the other ladies had on dresses, or maybe you LIKE talking to guys but their wives didn't like it. Has any thing like that EVER happened to you???

I think almost all of those has been one of my nightmares come to life!!!

You know what I mean even if it's not in print in the paragraph above. 

SOMETHING ------ SOMETIME----- has been really a tight squeeze to your comfort zone!!!

See what I'm TALKING about!!! Baby Girl decided to try to sleep in Sarah's bed. Now Sarah weighs 13 pounds. Baby Girl weighs 97 pounds.  That makes a difference of 84 pounds.!!! NOT a good fit.

Not comfortable for her at all.

She even is thinking that something is WRONG with this bed. But she doesn't want to give up the comfort.

Sarah is upset too!!

SOMEONE is in her bed!! And she doesn't like it!!

So she goes to her father and asks for help.

Sounds like a good idea to me when I'm in a tight spot or one of my friends!!!

More later, Linda