Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Long years ago when my dad was talking to me he told me how to remember what a bunch of geese is called .  It's a gaggle of geese. Why do I remember things like this.

Well, today we saw a BIG GAGGLE of GEESE going south..

I used to stand on our apartment front porch and watch as the geese would fly north summer and  south for the for the winter. But when I looked up in that sky I knew,KNEW what my dad would say when he told me what to call a bunch of geese.

You can always tell what kind of winter or summer we are going to have by the time of the year that they fly so far.

Today is September 2 --- that's EARLY for geese.

He said -- if the fly south early it means that we are gonna have a harsh winter. He actually used the word HARSH.

The year it snowed in Los Angeles the geese flew way south.

It made a believer out of me.

I had NEVER seen snow in LA before. We got out of school and everything.

Years later, when we lived in Great Yarmouth England, our friend Harold asked where I grew up and I mentioned that I had lived in LA until I was nine.

He said -- I was in LA once. It snowed!! We couldn't go on shore leave. He was in the Navy

I said -- I was there too, I said. They let us out of school!!

He wasn't too happy that I would or could be so much younger than he was.

Even men can be worried about their age. Harold proved that.

OOOPS!! I said SORRY and tried not to bring up anything else like that.

More later, Linda