Thursday, August 14, 2014

A subject I have been trying to ignore

My wonderful husband has dementia. He tries so hard to be like he was. He agonizes about what's happening to him. And he has worked himself down to 151 pounds.. You know it's hard enough to watch him deteriorate right before my eyes, but to see him so skinny frightens me.

I just thank God that He has Jerry in His hands because if he didn't Jerry would have gone on a long time ago.

I think you can see that I am still not able to even type the words that are really in my heart. It's not something that I want for anyone I know, this dementia. It takes away the person that you have known for so long and in that place is a person who can't speak, remember, or who can't do for themselves.

Sometimes I shed a few tears, like right now as I type this up. But most of the time the clown in me comes out and we find ourselves laughing at the tiniest things.

Sarah is a big help because she has so many parts to her. That's why I post so much about her.

I also post about her when my heart is aching.

More later, Linda