Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Pyramid Plane and Seagull

My brother Phil and I always walked to school. And back home. It was just one of the things all of us kids did. 

Jerry rode a horse to school. Sister Peggy would get in front of dad RT. And the boys rode behind. Because there were few paved roads, that's the way kids in his community got to school.

It had to have been in the forties when the seagull began dive bombing Phil. We, he figured out that the seagull didn't like his hat. He wore a sailor hat. I remember it as brilliant white. I started school after Christmas 1947. But LA still rembered the day Pearl Harbor was bombedarded by the Japanese. And the night the Japanese landed on the shores of LA. The camo nets over the main roads so the pavement looked like it was dirt. The huge spot lights that covered the sky most nights. We also had to do drills where we would get under chairs and put our faces to the floor and put our hands on our necks. 

But the strangest thing we saw, for a few weeks, was the pyramid shaped black airplane. The first thing I noticed was the lack of propellers. And it was quiet. We talked about that for a long time after they quit flying. 

Some of the stealth planes remind me of what we saw over 60 years ago.


More later, Linda