Monday, July 28, 2014


We have a BUNCH of bunnies in our yard this year. There's Daddy Rabbitt and Momma Rabbitt and then there's Molly Bunny and Peter Bunny. 

And then there's The baby bunnies Jerry found this morning. 

He came running into the house saying, "I'm so sorry. I would never have done 
it". In his hands was a large red plastic coffee container. With 3 little bunnies at the bottom. 

One wasn't moving much. 

Jerry had tears in his eyes. He looked at me with those teary eyes and my heart melted. 

Momma Rabbit had made a nest under the overturned boat at the back of the garage and he had moved it. 

We put it back and put bunny food through the curved place where it didn't touch the ground. 

Baby Rabbits are back at home. Momma Rabbit is happy. 

One thought I had is this--can you imagine what they are telling Peter and Molly?

Let's just hope they get the facts in a straight row. 

And Jerry is not sad any more. 

More later, linda