Friday, August 29, 2014

Giving directions

At some point in your life you have already had to and will have to give directions to someone who is not familiar AT ALL with where you need to go.

I taught our kids how to drive. When they were practicing I would tell them to turn right or left and sometimes, when they were learning, they would turn the wrong way. It didn't matter as we were in the pasture.

Now I'm giving directions to Jerry. And it's like deja vu. We were in Lawton today to go to Sam's. Had a good time there and got some awesome meat products. I had to make a pit stop before we left and Jerry said he would just wait for me. But as we left the building he made the comment that he didn't know where the car was.

You wanta know something?? That's SAD!!

I decided not to think on the negative side and just go with it.

I knew where the car was and so there was no problem.

It just came to me that this attitude is good and bad. Good because I don't harp on his forgetfulness. Nor do I make him feel stupid.

The flip side is if I am not careful I will let those things go too long and let him drive thinking he will know how to get somewhere or even to get back home.

What to do?

I think I will have to just start thinking more about his abilities and if they are safe for him.

More later, Linda