Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I think I was a little sneaky today

We had papers to take to the new doctor's office. Our doctor is moving from Duncan. I really liked him and how he worked with Jerry and me. But he moved and we had to find another doctor.

Lynn went by the doctor's office and got us paperwork to fill out to make us patients of Dr. Cox.

Jerry drove.

It's very frustrating to me when I have to keep telling him where to turn and which way and which lane to get into.

So, I decided to tell him where we were going and let him get us there.

That didn't work. At one point, as we were leaving the bank parking lot, I told him to turn right and then go through the light.  He was going to go from the south side of the road to the mall on the north side of the road--which is not to the right. it was straight ahead of us.

We then got straightened out and were on our way. I said we are going to use the road we take to go to the church. 

He was confused there, probably because we didn't go to the church we went to the nail lady whose shop is three street down from the church. Church is on second street--then first-- then A. We wanted to turn right on A and that's what we did.

He didn't even remember the shop until we had been there for about two minutes.

It's sad-----but it is what it is.

And we will make the most of it.

More later, Linda