Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sarah says--daddy doesn't feel good

Today we had a guy coming to fix the barb wire fence where one fence attaches to another. But ours was saggy. Of course there's a lot of saggy things around our house these days. After all the house was built in 1955.

So anyway, Jerry thought he would be here about 6.30. We got up at 5 AM. Yeah that's what I thought too. After all it is August so he'd be here early. Right?  Not!!

He got here at 9am. Got through by 10.30. Went home. 

Jerry came in and napped til 12.30, and again after lunch and is ready for bed now. 

He's trying so hard to stay up. It's almost like its a sin to get enough sleep.

And Sarah can feel he's not up to his usual speed. It worries her and she has to get as close to him as possible. So she lays her head on his feet. It does calm him. And I know she is trying to let him know he's gonna be ok. 

More later,Linda