Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Today I choose to not be sad

Jerry is mowing grass. I don't know why hes mowing grass. He is. 

It's not yet 100 so I'm not too worried about it. And he did have some bacon and cola drink. He has not had his pills yet but I have gotten used to giving him his pills with his lunch. It helps.  The Aricept upsets his digestive tract BIG time and I don't like to clean that up. 

This is not what could make me sad.

THIS is what could make me sad.  He was trying to tell me about THIS GUY. He lives over there and he----  That's as far as he got.  Bless him he didn't give up and so I started naming men we both know.

Does he go to church with us?  I don't remember seeing him there.

Is it Billy Morgan? NO!

Tell me how you know him. Well, he takes me out of town with him sometimes

Keith -- our Lynn's husband. And yes he doesn't see him at church because Keith is always in the balcony with the sound system. And yes, Keith comes and takes him out of town when he has something to deliver and because he knows it makes Jerry happy. Bless him in a mighty way.

I would be sad, but Jerry didn't get sad. He didn't get mad. He didn't even raise his voice. He just went on to tell me about the little yard Keith has to mow. And he, himself, mows for hours just to get the front yard mowed.

He is happy and so my choice is to be happy too.

More later, Linda