Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sarah says" I don't care"

Animals are so much fun to watch. When I was a kid I read somewhere that dogs didn't remember anything after 30 seconds. If that's true why does Sarah walk around the living room when we come in from shopping and call her to come see us. She is acting really -- guilty -- about something.

When I look around, there it is!!! She has turned over the trash can next to Jerry's chair -  again.

Now, she knows she isn't to do that. She got scolded real bad one day for that and she KNOWS that she is to stay away from the trash can. But it smells so good that she HAS to look. And, of course, the only way to look is to turn it over. That means that the banana peels fall out -- ooohhhh! BANANAS. She loves them!!

And then the WRAPPER off the peanut butter cookies -- actually they are the peanut butter crackers but Jerry calls every thing but pie cookies.

And then she walks away. She can't put anything back because she doesn't have thumbs. So, when we come in she remembers about the trash can and tries to hide. POOR BABY!! She is really in a panic.



And then panic depressions sets in and she hangs her head in shame. 

So, I pick her up and tell her to just forget it.

And try to remember to put the can in the bathroom when we leave the next time.

THAT works better than anything.

More later, Linda