Thursday, September 4, 2014

It's hot, but not for long

Do you sweat?  Do you complain about it??  Does that salty water run down from your forehead into your eyes and make them burn and sting?

I envy you!!

Oh YES I do!!

I don't sweat -- well VERY little and that is dangerous. It makes it difficult for me to even walk to the garage sometimes. Now, if the wind is blowing like it is today then I can be out even if it's hotter.

I can't go out and barbeque anything.
I can't work in the flower beds -- so all of our flowers are bulb flowers.
I can't work in a garden. I love to can fresh vegetables for my family.

I like to go to the beach or lake and lay back and listen to the waves as they hit the shore. That can be done even in the winter

So next time you are playing baseball with your kids, or working in the garden - flower or veggie - or you are riding your motorcycle, think how blessed you are that you can do the things yu love to do.

Yes, I am mad. I want to do all those things but it is NOT good for me.

&%$#))**&@ frizzle frazzle!!

Maybe next year.

More later, Linda