Tuesday, June 24, 2014

There are four letter words and then there are FOUR letter words.

When I was a clown our alley went to Houston for a big conference. It was so much fun!! Even Jerry had a good time. Learned how to do more than a dog balloon. Learned how to spray water out of our mouths. I got more on me than on anyone else. YUCK!!!

We learned how to work at hospitals and children's parties. How to quiet down a weepy child and one other good thing that I had never thought about.

As a clown, parents want the kids to be accept the clowns presence. Making the crying child come closer or be held by the clown.

This is what I had never thought about. People are always making their kids hug the clown or Uncle Joe or Grandpa or the man from next door. Kids are really intuitive. They know who they want to hug and who they don't. If they don't want to hug -- that's OK. It's more than OK its the ONLY way. Next time you try to make your child hug someone think on this. If you make them do that they will learn that even though they have a not so good feeling about that person they have to hug them anyway they might just feel like they HAVE to do what a stranger says -- like help them find the puppy, or go for ice cream -- or -- you get the drift.

Now we go on to the four letter words. I can think of a few that would really describe one of those perverts. SORRY it just makes my blood boil.

Four letter words can be !!!! or @@@@ or #### or even !@#$

OR they can be love or pray or nice or bath or dogs or cats or any other happy thing.

Kids really need more HAPPY!!

More later, Linda