Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Stage Coach

Kids can be brutally honest, at least honest as they see it.  How many times have you told someone that they really needed to change their clothes because they looked really bad. Or that they smelled bad--or they looked funny since they got a haircut!!

Yeah! me too!!

The time that I have had to ask for forgiveness numerous--no thousands of times is when we got the car.

This was not only the car--it was THE car.

The car looked like a box on wheels. Four doors and straps at each door hanging from the roof. It ran--it didn't spit out smoke---it just was. And brother Phil and I called it the STAGE COACH.

The doors handles were close together so the front doors opened from the middle of the car and so did the back doors. 

It was easy to get in and out. Lots of room to put groceries or boxes onto the back seat. But it looked like a Stage Coach.

The night I remember the most is when we got into the water with the car. I mean WATER over the road somewhere in Los Angeles.. saw a TV report about flooding in downtown LA last spring.  It was the same street.

Any way I remember that we just kept on going. Right through the water and up onto drier ground ( or rather STREET) There really was paved streets when I was a kid.

Cars were floating in the water all around us.  But WE were in high cotton and just kept on trucking.

That was the last time I remember calling her the STAGE COACH!!

Too proud to be able to get out of the flood.

More later, Linda

PS This series has been difficult because it brings back some traumatic experiences. And then some more thoughts come along and I want to blog about those things. And then others pop up. This is so our kids and grandkids can know more about what happened to me as a kid and to the dad and papa.