Friday, August 30, 2013

I was gonna

I was gonna talk about how much I hurt. Arthritis is for OLD people and even though I have white hair and have a blog by the name of Confessions of an Old Lady. I don't usually even acknowledge that I have any problems.

That's just not me. But today I have some aches.

Tomorrow will be better and Sunday will be even better because we will have a house full to cook and laugh and eat and have a good time.

I am so blessed to be my age and have such good health. A wonderful, comfortable house, a husband who just took off my toe nail polish for me, and who always cleans the kitchen after I cook and I am NOT a clean up after myself cook when I am cooking for 20-50 people and then I have to be..

I was thinking about my mom yesterday and I remembered the meals she used to cook. We had waffles, and fried bologna filled with scrambled eggs.

She would cook all kinds of things. Fish of all kinds, and vegetables.  She first time she brought home some artichoke and cooked them, serving them with melted butter with garlic..

I learned to heat the syrup and melt the butter for the waffles and pancakes. \


I figured out how to add the syrup and the sugar and the cinnamon to the batter.


And that's where the grand kids got their cooking adventures.

It helped that all the men in the family cook and do a really good job too.

More later, Linda