Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's a BRITISH day today!!

When we lived in Britain, we had lots of days like this. You know what I mean. Woke up to a cloudy sky. Sun is up, but it's not shining and hot!

we lived in Great Yarmouth which is on the east coast of Britain and about a 90 mile boat ride to THE Hague in the Netherlands. Right on the North sea. We could walk to the sea wall in Gorelston.

My husband decided that he would go to a 6 month school to learn how to work in the field with the oil service company he worked for. And 6 months later we found out he would be working in Africa and we would be in Yarmouth.

The first night we were there was really strange.  We were in a hotel right on the water front. Nice place--but no heat in November. Or rather, it seemed like no heat. The shower was down the hall.. They wanted to put the kids in another room down the hall, but they slept with us.

Our life away from home had begun.

Breakfast was cold toast. It was so cold that even the butter wouldn't spread on the toast.

It was so cold that I went through 3 coats that winter. I had had all 3 for 10 years and they just fell apart because I was wearing one all the time.

Finding clothes was a problem because I didn't know where to go.  So I got on a bus and went to town. Walked around until I found the Marks and Spencers and got the kids some warm things to wear.

After we got warm, we really had a good time. In fact all the kids talk about for years after we came home was how much they liked England.

And that made me happy because we were there for 6 years.

It seems like we always go for 6 years.

Six years in England.

Six years in North Africa.

Six years in New Mexico.

What a wonderful life.

More later, Linda